Indutrade is an international industrial Group that sells and develops high-tech components, systems and services. We market solutions that streamline our customers’ systems and processes. With a decentralised structure, we operate through more than 200 subsidiaries with some 6,000 employees in 31 countries and four continents.

The operations are divided into six business areas:

  • Engineering & Equipment

  • Flow Technology

  • Fluids & Mechanical Solutions

  • Industrial Components

  • Measurement & Sensor Technology

  • Special Products

We strive for a favorable balance between companies that distribute and conduct sales of technology, and companies with their own products and brands.

Indutrade has been listed on Nasdaq Stockholm since 2005. 



Indutrade is an industrial Group that delivers high-tech products and solutions for streamlining customer processes and workflows in a wide range of sectors, including industry, energy and pharmaceuticals.

Our history dates back to 1978 and since then, the business has maintained some basic principles that still apply in the Group today. These are decentralisation, entrepreneurship and profitable growth. For almost 40 years, these principles have characterised the development of our Group and will continue to characterise our future development.

Overall objectives


Indutrade strives for favorable risk diversification and continuous growth in selected geographic markets, product categories and market niches. Growth is to take place both organically and through acquisitions.

Our overall objectives for creating profitable growth are to be a leading technology sales Group in northern Europe, and an international Group with proprietary products and own brands. Our technology sales companies are focused on sales to customers in the local market, while our manufacturing companies usually conduct export sales.

Business idea


Indutrade conducts marketing and sales of high-tech components, systems and services in selected niches. With sound knowledge of customers' systems and processes, combined with a high level of technical expertise, we aim to be the most efficient business partner for both customers and suppliers