New binding mechanism 

  • Uses less thread, but with a stronger bond. 
    The RB441T binds once with double thread, has a stronger binding than RB398 that has a single thread but binds 3 rounds. 

200% more bindings per roll

  • RB441T has 240 bindings per roll RB398 has only 120 bindings per roll

The height of the bonds is only 12mm 

  • Lower ears and no tail. 

  • Stronger bonding

  • 50% stronger than bindings from RB398. 
    For more stable bonding. 

Reduces bonding time. 

  • Is 5 times faster than iron binding by hand.

  • One hand operation

  • Reduces health injuries on the back and wrists

  • Reduces training costs

  • LED battery indicator